Beyond the Brand: GetREAL Program

What is TBTB?

Think Beyond the Brand is a culmination of years of marketing experience, human psychology studies and is likened to the modern day version of how to make friends and influence people… but more. 

Business is all about relationships. If you’re doing business any other way or find that your current approach is not working or contributing to your success then this is the program and book for you.

Human vs. Sales

We have entered a day and age where the idea of ‘selling’ is seen as an insult. Relationships are the new currency. How do we change our approach to increase business success?

What is a Brand? Really?

There are way too many misleading programs and systems that are geared solely toward selling design work. Learn what branding really is and how to influence public perception.


Knowing is only half the battle. Learn basic methods that will help you move forward within the new currency of relationships and not only succeed but be more fulfilled.

Meet the Author

greg T is the owner of The Image Stop ltd., Hosting Penguin, gregertainment and the founder of the “Think Beyond the Brand” system. His passion in life is in helping others not only succeed but being fulfilled in their successes.

greg serves others as a member of the Regional Team in BNI Alberta South (Canada) where he is the Regional Communications and Marketing Director. He has also served as the BNI Canada National Communications Team lead. Greg makes a point of serving on the planning committee in several charitable organizations, giving back and helping others on many levels.

DID YOU KNOW? : greg is an accomplished entertainer and international speaker. Contact him today about speaking at your event!




Personal Growth

Global Connections


Branding Focus


“The brand designed by gregT of The Image Stop ltd. has become a big part of our company marketing. We have used our “Taste the Tradition” design in most of our company marketing and advertising over the last 10 plus years and have found it represents who we are as a company and very simply illustrates what we provide to our customers. Great tasting bread done like they were when we were all growing up – baked in tradition. This design resonates with our customers and has helped us in our successful growth over the years.”

Louis B.

Calgary Italian Bakery

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